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Clarence Hartzell
Bernardine Flynn
Billy Idelson

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I have one practical suggestion for those of you who have had the good sense to pick up this volume of scripts. Read them aloud. Get three or four good friends together and decide who's going to play Vic, who will be Sade, and finally Rush and poor old Uncle Fletcher. Ten to one you'll be doing Vic and Sade episodes until 5 in the morning. Have fun. That's what Paul Rhymer and Vic & Sade are all about.
Jean Shepherd











Vic and Sade 
The Best Radio Plays of
Paul Rhymer

foreword by Jean Shepherd
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The Small House Half-Way Up in the Next Block
foreword by Ray Bradbury

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or 2 by  by Rush
 aka William Idelson

The Story of Vic & Sade
Writing for Dough

Vic and Sade
TV Show

"New Lodge Catalog"
15 mins. on Homemade DVD
A kinescope recording from
WNBQ-TV Chicago - circa 1957
$20.00 Plus $3.00 S&H

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